Journey to the Arnold Classic 2013 continued…

11 Oct

Happy happy Thursday everyone!  We are almost to the weekend.  You can do it, you can do it, you can do it, you can do it!  I think in the normal man’s land Thursday is like the new Friday right?  Well, at least in my town it seems that way. 

 If you are reading my blog for the 1st time, and are wondering what the point of it is, let me quickly esplain (yes I know its spelled wrong- that’s my Spanish accent coming out).  I have qualified to compete at one of the largest fitness conventions that happen every year called the Arnold Classic.  I have been training in the sport of the Strongman/woman challenges for about a year now and decided to go all out and train as diligent and hard as I could, to go as far as I could until the end of 2012.  It just so happens that the Arnold Classic is in March of 2013 so we be extending that time limit just a wee bit.  On this final journey to the Arnold I wanted to document my nutrition, my training, my ups and downs, supplementation, etc so that #1 – I am forced to never give up no matter how hard it gets because hopefully you all will be expecting me to keep you updated, and #2- to let all of my family and friends and who can’t be in touch with me all the time can follow along this long road with me.

 So here is my food log from yesterday.  I didn’t wake up early to do cardio since I have a lunchtime cardio group and I added the Insanity, and I didn’t have any lifting to do since I deadlifted the day before.

 5:30am- ½ cup uncooked steel cut oats, 1 cup frozen mixed berries, 1 tbsp flax meal, 1 scoop 619 protein powder

 9:20am- ½ cup cooked lentils, 4 ounces chicken, 2 cups raw veggies, 2 tbsp lemon dressing, 2 tbsp dried cranberry/sunflower seeds

 11:30am- ¼ sweet potato, 1tbsp pb, 1000mg L-Carnitine

 1:00pm- 1 low carb high fiber tortilla, 1 costco chicken patty, ½ cup shredded mixed greens (steamed), ¼ sweet potato

 2:20pm- ½ perfect foods bar lite (100 cals)

 JUST HIT A WALL- sooo tired….

 4:30pm- 1/8 cup lentils, 1 low carb high fiber tortilla, 1 costco chicken patty

 7:30pm- 1 red apple, 4 ounces chicken breast

 9:00pm- Shakeology with ½ cup mixed berries and a 2×2 inch piece of mi mama’s lasagna!


 12:00pm- ran up and down 5 flights of stairs for 30 minutes

8:00pm- BeachBodys Insanity: Cardio Power and Resistance (44 minutes)

 I posted a quick video on my facebook after I had finished this video, not sure if you saw it ( or not but I was DONE for the day after that.  Tomorrow (Friday) I reweigh to see if the weight loss slowed down or not.  My next picture I post will be when I hit the next 5 pound loss mark. 


If you are super busy and are having a hard time getting to the gym to do your cardio, try doing what Im doing.  Lunch cardio can be done in as little as 10 minutes at a time and still be extremely effective!  If you are looking around your office environment and pondering what you could use to for exercise, hit me up and I can give you ALL KINDS of fun things to do (grinning..)  Skip the full out 3 course lunch and substitute it with a filling shake like the one I’m using from BeachBody called Shakeology (  It’s way more than just a shake with probiotics, fiber, chia seeds (omegas), digestive enzymes, and high energy properties and will keep you full a lot longer than the cupcakes someone brought in for the millionth persons birthday that month.  Hope this info was helpful, check ya later! xoxoxo

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