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H.E.R. Method – Day 3 & 4

16 Jan

Hey!  I’ve got some cool stuff to show you today.   I made video’s of my check in with you from yesterday and my 30 minute shoulder workout from today that you can use too.   The video below will show you exactly how we run through a weekly check in with our HER METHOD clients.

Still 170.8 today on day 4 which is fine because we only compare Monday to Monday, not each day to day.   I haven’t been hungry even ONCE so far and thats crazy because I’m generally a very active person and used to eating 6 meals with protein at every singe meal.  At the end of the week Im going to calculate how much fat we’ve lost off our bodies.  Whoo Hoo!! Bikini season here I come!


4 ounces salmon, 1/4 cup brown rice & quinoa mix from Costco, 1 cup steamed broccoli and 1 tbsp salsa verde from Trader Joe’s is what I chose to have for lunch today.   Its nice to have complete meals of protein, fat and carbs because they keep me feeling full and I have no cravings!

Right before lunch I did this quick 30 minute shoulder workout.  I did 3 sets of the group of 4 exercises.  Each time they got harder and harder even though the weight never changed!  I was also able to get my heart rate all the way up to 160 on the shoulder presses!! I couldn’t even get it that high on the treadmill yesterday without working for it.


And there you have it!  I’m motivated to finish this week out strong!  On the menu for the rest of the week, I have a hiking date both Friday morning and Sunday afternoon with the Fit with Jenny Crew!  At Fit with Jenny, we take pride in being each others “fat-free friends” both in and out of our front doors.

H.E.R. Method Day 1

14 Jan


It’s been a while since I blogged on here last and it’s great to be back!  For the next 6 weeks I am going to be sharing with you my experiences of my journey on our fitness center’s most popular weight loss program; Fit with Jenny’s H.E.R. Method which manipulates hormones to get crazy fat loss results.   The average amount of weight lost in just the 1st 6 weeks is 25-35 pounds!  So many people have asked us how they can jump on board with this system even though they live long distance away, and because of that, Jenny and I have been working day and night to take this program online so ANYONE can have access to it.  And what better way to learn more about it than to follow my journal daily.   You can help me stay motivated by commenting on my posts and finding me on facebook  Check out my video journal entry below and all of the pics of my meals.  Wish me luck!!!

20140113_050106 20140113_045820

haha nuthin like a cheesy grin 1st thing in the morning.

20140113_045851 20140113_050010 (1)

YUCK!  Well if you ever wondered ^^^^^^^^^, well now you have your answer.  Lol.  THAT will be changing in the next 6 weeks.

stairmill intervals

For my cardio yesterday I did intervals on the stepmill.  I started off on level 4 for 5 minutes and from there i took off speed walking at a level 9 for 2 minutes then dropped it down 3 levels to level 6 for 3 minutes, then back up to level 9 for 2 minutes and kept repeating that for 30 minutes.  This was my 1st cardio session like this in about a YEAR!  haha.   Since my focus has been on strong woman these last 3 years, ive had to cut back on the cardio so it didnt effect my strength gains.  yes, I about died and now my knees are sore lol.

Dinner time

Dinner is served!!! Jenny forgot to bring my salad stuff for my dinner meal but it’s okay! Sprouts had everything I needed and I didn’t have to cook a thing!  This was actually my favorite meal of the day.  Yummo!!!

after corebar class!

After I ate dinner I took a Corebar class for my strength workout at my studio.  It was fun working out with my customers and I think they enjoyed seeing me suffer!

After corebar I saw my last few clients for the night, went home, chugged my fiber and went straight to bed by 8pm.  I was pooped!

im down 2 pounds!

AAAAnnnd this is what I weighed the next morning!!!  Its working!!! Now I’m motivated to put in more cardio time today.  So many options… so many options… hehe.   What is your favorite thing to do for cardio?  Comment below!!